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Thirty Years Ago and Thought Machine Poem


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Two Poems

                                                                                                       by Jim Schultz

Thirty Years Ago

Dreamy words of better ways.
Inner feelings stirred.
Some thirty years ago or more
I listened and I heard.
Hopeful thoughts of future days.
Students undeterred.
A growing call to end a war.
Moralities were blurred.

Revolution at the gate.
Riots on TV.
Anticipation in my mind
Of better things to be.
Patiently I'd sit and wait
for coming history,
A dismal future redefined.
My foolish fantasy.

Now they wear the suit and tie.
Corporate life would call.
Ideal words would fade away
and Vietnam would fall.
Revolutionary cries,
sights that I recall.
I wonder if they fell astray
or if they cared at all.

Copyright © 1998 [email protected] Jim Schultz

The Thought Machine

Assemble line of empty fools.
Active thoughts decline.
Save the kids and burn the schools.
Before they fall in line.

Conveyer belts of normalcy.
Proper minds installed.
Guaranteed complacency.
Defective thought recalled.

The happy social thought machine.
Drop the match and run.
Save a little gasoline.
You've only just begun.

                                                     Copyright 1998 © by Jim Schultz, All rights reserved

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