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She Tried by Charlotte Mair

Optimistic View 
Charlotte Mair 
journey round my mind
don' t be afraid

Remnants of lilacs
still lay upon my bed of dreams
in sweet scents of memory

pillows of billowy clouds
of linger though

come view with interest
to say the least

Just be wary
not to remain at great lengths
in well-marked caverns of caution
you could
drown yourself in depths of sorrows
if you stay too long
amidst these lost callings

Seek only the maiden at her best
...flowing tresses
caress and cradle
her milk pale face
weaving tapestries
of hopeful new day dreams
the light
from her youth
plods along

dreamchild's eons pass
yet the glass is always
half full

Charl & China Boy in Lotus Land

Copyright 1999, Charlotte Mair  

Charlotte Mair is a a former singer-musician, born, raised and residing on the lower mainland of British Columbia, Canada. During a two year period she has written 7 children's stories and over 175 poems, earning 7 Honourable Mentions, two recordings and has had 49 poems published in various Anthologies, Newspapers, Newsletters and Websites across United States , Canada, Britain and Ireland.
Charlotte is the Author and illustrator of a newly released book of Poetry named
The First Fifty Years.
This is a great buy and we urge you to get a copy of the first edition, signed by the author.

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