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Bigger Fool Poem


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by Marilyn McIntyre

Weighing the Joker

who is the bigger fool really

the believer or the non

the hunter or the game

the genius or savant

who is the bigger fool really

the worker or the bum

the school girl or the whore

when all is said and done

black or white

ripe or raw

smart or dumb

old or new

young or old

who, who, who

please tell me

who is the bigger fool really

is it you

or is it i?


Thinking of You

when i think of you

you're in my time

i arrange the zones

move you like a pawn

when i write to you

you're there now

doing my bidding

intensified by my words

when i hear from you

you're here with me now

love, wisdom and mirth

dispensed in time.


Surprise Surprise

make your do's

match your says

pick up the goddamned garbage

"they" can't always do it for you

life, live it

draw your head from the keg

move damnit

mark the globe

stroke a tree, a child, a leaf

look through your veil of tears

hazy though it may be

budge yourself, love yourself

find god in your glass of beer

count your cliche blessings

surprise, surprise...




scorched lawns

trees turn brown with fright

holidays and beaches

and reparing to the cool


oppressive, painful despair

inside looking out

mugged breathe sweats

air of the great outdoors

cats sullen

blue jays drop their jays

crows to beat to caw


let me out of here


my mind curled like rock

drugged and writhing

soul up there at rest

in the crook of the old oak tree

Copyright © 1998 by Marilyn McIntyre, All rights reserved

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