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I Don't Care Like You Care Poem


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I Don't Care Like You Care

by S. Smith

I don't care like you care
if our love making is exposed
to the dust, off some road --

        where it's usually too hard to see
        by night, with only the moon lighting,
        where only dark gazes go,
        by those bamboo grasses growing out of region
        that take over everything planted everywhere,
        like tall hard choking weeds

-- or, to the also dusty hem of that no-account girl who
you stare after often enough, who wanders by here
trying to offer what lays up under her skirt, her
legs open to anyone, woman or man, who will promise
what we, you and me, think of as being promised
only to good girls who don't need to ask for it
like I ask for it:  by the road, in the dark, out of love.

Copyright © 1998 by S. Smith, All rights reserved

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