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Poem about Atoms


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By David Michael Jackson

So I sat down to write the epic poem.
why not? There’s no reason,
there’s no reason in the universe.
Yes sit down my friend,
my good friend,
you look as if you are going to make the atoms themselves change.
Have a seat,
there is no hurry.
Make your visit.
Have a seat now.
What is your hurry?
Are you trying to get to the future? Well, I will tell you the future, so
have a seat,
and we shall not speak of the greeks for they are dead, and
we shall not speak of the impressionist painters for they are dead, and
no, I will not meet you upon this matter lightly
for it is hard to leave them all behind but,
you see this is a legal matter, the stars,
there are laws, you see
that say
that time
will go on
and the sun, and
the galaxy and the universe will
burn out, and
collapse and
end up
in a
ball of
atoms, and
the works of
greeks, and
impressionist painters will
in that ball somewhere with
a strand
of my lovers hair,
that’s it. Isn’t it? So I cannot write that epic poem and
I will drink instead of the wine, and
worship the
moment and watch my lover wash
her hair.
In the morning I shall walk in the field and gather flowers for her table. Tonight,
yes tonight we shall look at the stars and

Copyright © 1998 by David Michael Jackson, All rights reserved

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