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AMJAZ Instrumentals


David Michael Jackson

Photo of Jackson


Mp3's These are not clips
Homemade Lovin'  (Chords and lyrics.)
You Boiz Ain't Hopin' Me None
Fiddler Man  
(Chords and lyrics.)
She Left Me On My Own

Darlin' Darlin' Darlin' Do You Love Me
Every Time I See You I Fall In Love Again


Cover Art by John Carmichael

Jake and Haystack


An Interview with Jake (David Jackson)

Recorded at Artvilla Studios

All songs written by
David Michael Jackson

Mp3's These are not clips
1. With Our Love   (Chords and lyrics.)
2. She's Dreaming   (Chords and lyrics.)
3. Baby I Love You  (Chords and lyrics.)
4. Trouble With Loving You   (Chords and lyrics.)
5. Belly Full Of Whiskey  (Chords and lyrics.)
6. Raining (Chords and lyrics.)
7. Sun's Gonna Explode
8. Don't Let Betty Lou Get Mad At You  (Chords and lyrics.)
9. Goldmine Blues
10. Make Up Your Mind  (Chords and lyrics.)

Cover Art by John Carmichael

Right Like It Is 
by JC (a.k.a Jake and Haystack)

"Dreamy new age guitar noodlings go with rainy days and cafes better than umbrellas and lattes. Think of Michael Hedges digging Pat Metheny's introspective side."
......Nick Dedina
"Don't know how you do it, but your music is soothing and lively at the same time.
......" Janet Buck

Recorded at Artvilla Studios

Mp3's These are not clips
1. Right Like It Is
2. Brooke
3. Spanish Steel
4. Ukelele Sunrise
5. Strings 1

6. Five String Shuffle
7. Chicken Scratchings
8. BassRunner 1
9. Genesis
10. Mandolin Dreams

Dave cd pic

David Jackson
These will remain free mp3s. They are from the "Four Track Tape" days.
This is David Jackson in a tiny room with a four track tape recorder, circa 1998.

Songs by David Michael Jackson,
Music by David Michael Jackson

Mp3's These are not clips
Ain't Goin Back To Texas  
(Chords and lyrics.)

The_Trouble_With_Loving You

Classical Easy Listening Music by 
Baron Von David Michael Jackson
He thinks he's Brahms.

These will stay up until we release them to our digital outlets.
These are not clips

Compliant  7.3 meg
Columbine  4.6 meg 
Completion  6.9 meg
Passenger Creek    3.9 meg
Impulse    3.4 meg
For_Me 4.4 meg
Serenade    3 meg
Interlopers 5.5 meg
Intro   3.8 meg
Majestic  3.6 meg
Proof3 2.4 meg
Seawinds 6.3 meg
Spring Rain     3.5 meg
Recorded at Artvilla Studios

New songs by David Michael Jackson

Please Please                                                                        (Chords and lyrics.)
Why Can't You Be True                                                       (Chords and lyrics.)
Just Don't Tell Me                                                               (Chords and lyrics.)
Them Crazy About You Blues                                             (Chords and lyrics.)

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