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Belly Full Of Whiskey Poem

Belly Full Of Whiskey
by David Michael Jackson

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to play along capo....key is E

Had a belly full of whiskey
Had a head full of gin
I couldn't say where I was coming from
Couldn't say where I'd been
   A                                                            E
I tell you this for certain you can call me sublime
              B7                             B7#      B7    E
Ain't no heaven in a bottle. It'll get you  every time.
Now you say your baby left you and there's hell for you to pay
And your landlord he comes calling in the heat of the day
               A                                                      E
And the night it goes a runnung like a hot rod Ford
                 B7                    B7#       B7        E
And your car it's a sittin' on  I    -   Twenty Four
Well I've had some hard times and you've had some too
and we'll buckle up our seatbelts and quit smoking too.
         A                                                          E
So pickup your guitar and your blue sweade shoes
                  A                                                                      E
When the truckers (or towtruck?) are rolling down I twenty four
                 A                                                     E
We'll be picking We'll be grinning We'll be stomping the floor
      B7                             B7#  B7      E
So turn up the volume and let's get in gear
               B7                           B7#          B7    E
There's a party tonight and it's happening right here
      B7#          B7    E
It's happening right here
      A7           B7    E
It's happening right here

Jake and Haystack
Copyright David Michael Jackson 2000
[email protected]
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