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Earthen Jar Poem


Earthen Jar

By David Michael Jackson

For Mary Janet Jackson 1950-2006

Oh where do they all go,
these specks of sand
which the monks have sown so
perfectly into
They go to the same place
as this poem,
into the earthen jar.

Oh my answers are
in the art
and in the jar,

meant to be there
intent at

chaos of meaningless

where the laws of physics are god,
imperfection, the creator.

Oh into the earthen jar then.
I will go there with all
with Christ
with Buddha
with Muhammad
with Confucius
with Abraham
with the Great Spirit
with the Mother.

Into the earthen jar
goes the sand.
Sweep sweep sweep goes the broom.
Sweep sweep sweep

I cry out from the jar,

"I will wander in the fields and
meet my lady with the green eyes there.
I will walk with her beside the stream."

Copyright © 2011 by David Michael Jackson, All rights reserved


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