Janet Kuypers’ “Love in the Universe” 5/7/16 poetry feature

May 7th 2016 (5/7/16, or 20160507) poetry performance (with accompanying guitar music by John) of Janet Kuypers’ first scheduled Austin poetry feature through Expressions 2016: Reasons to be Cheerful at Austin’s the Bahá’í Center (at 2215 E M Franklin Ave, Austin, TX 78723) after her move, and because this was also her wedding anniversary, they started the evening with her and John singing the song friends performed at their wedding — Depeche Mode’s “The Bottom Line” (with altered chorus lyrics for their wedding). So enjoy this set os poems (set to music in the show) about not only astronomy but also love, in “Love in the Universe”.

[tubepress mode=’playlist’ playlistValue=’PLYa-AZK78_hqdjFKFBO5M5W0wAnH-7qLs’ ]

    All of the pieces from this reading were also released in a “Love in the Universe” chapbook, which you can download as a PDF file for free any time.

Watch video, or read Janet Kuypers in her 5/7/16 show “Love in the Universe” in her first scheduled feature at Expressions 2016: Reasons to be Cheerful in Austin first singing (with John singing and on guitar) the Depeche Mode song The Bottom Line (with altered chorus lyrics for heir wedding), then with her poems Pluto, Plutonium & Death (a bonus Periodic Table poem), her haiku universe, observer’s love poem (2016 edit), everything is my home, Wanted To Play, and electricity.

(And thanks to Thom for the photos from this live event!)