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Cherubin Skillfully Worked



Cherubim Skillfully Worked

And it is the artisans and craftsmen that fashion the
Arc and the altar and all the linens of the tent of meeting
And the finely woven vestments of Aaron and his priests
Those that work with precious stones and metals
Sculpt and shape two Cherubim that looking toward each other
With faces like the sunrise on the sea and wings spread wide
And sheltering forming a canopy over the arc of testimony

And it is art that gives glory to God and the craftsman’s
Hand and the artisan eye that honor Him for these
Are the works and the builders of his dwelling
Among His people Israel and as priests chant prayers
And prophets recite the law and the craftsmen shape
It is the poet’s song that rises like a mist on the mountain
In the morning their voices raised aloft on the melody of lute and lyre

©2002 Doug Tanoury

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