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Favor in my Sight (Doug Tanoury Poem)

Favor In My Sight

They sat that Moses found such favor
That God knew him by name and when they met
It was face to face and when they talked
It was like as two friends

He talked often of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
As if every word spoken between them were craven in stone
And He remembered His promises
As if they were made just today

And I have often wondered
That if I like Moses met the Lord what I would say
But I have come to reflect much more now
On what words He might speak to me

Would He recall His talks with Moses
And remember the face of Pharaoh or experience them
As if in present time for tense has no meaning
For that which stands outside of time

For He Led the twelve tribes of Israel
Through the wilderness moments ago
And in the tent of meeting He speaks
To Moses at this moment

And now too in God is parting the curtains
Of blue and purple and scarlet stuff to watch the sun setting
Beyond the mountain and both He and Moses
Marvel at a desert sunset

And I know too that if I met the Lord
Like Moses I would hang on His every word
As if they were raindrops in the desert
And I would whisper only one thing to him

remember me

©2002 Doug Tanoury

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