Tell Me Why Poem



the branches grow here

and the seeds fall to the earth and

the wind blows across the land

and the rain just falls everywhere

and makes the seeds


so tell me why the branches grow

and why the seeds fall

so tell me why the wind blows across the land

and why the rain falls everywhere

and why the seeds grow

ha I say

I, foolish one, knave, a gnome in the kings land

ha I say to the riddles my mind makes for me

to the why’s without what for’s

ha I say

this night of wind and moonlight

David Michael Jackson

Abstract Dancer Painting

Abstract Dancer Painting


I have to call him something on this internet. It doesn’t let you get away with “Blue and Green Number 12” or some other stupid modern name. He has to be named something that somebody will ask for. Chances are you asked for him. If he’s not an abstract dancer painting then you can go look at one of those that look like dancers that somebody painted weird colors.
Maybe he’s an abstract bear or something else but he’s an abstract dancer painting now and he’s going to have to take his chances there.

I’m an internet artist and people are going to see me whether they like me or not! Come to think of it, how is that different from a museum. I sneak around with my keywords and people visit my museum called Google.
People see my art and it’s not wasted nor does it wait to be declared worthy.
Maybe one of my images will inspire someone somewhere.

david michael jackson May 1 2012
Modern Art Paintings