On the Need to Write and The Reaper Poem by David Michael Jackson

I need to remember to
write a poem before
the reaper takes me
takes me,
takes me like he took all the others.
fallen down pieces of
granite were people just like
fallen and unremembered by
like my father.
There are many now
who don’t remember my
father but who
may remember me
and may someday read these
scribblings which
a nobody moron
loser like me
at least took the time to
So write,
leave scribblings on the walls
of your cave.

If Only Poem by Andy Derryberry

If Only

If I had my way there’d only be laughs and giggles

We’d all be innocent and a little tipsy

Smiling at the slightest thing

Never hurt or angry, nor scared or injured

Soaking in every moment completely without worry

Hardly able to sleep for being so alive

There’d be no sad good-byes no aching absence

Nothing precious lost and only laughter found

Nothing to envy, only things to admire

Nothing to horde, plenty to share

Laughs and giggles
If only I had my way

Abstract Food Painting

Abstract Painting of Food

Here is my large oil abstract painting which suggestions of food. I’ve painted very few large paintings. I treasure this one. I call it Food For Thought
It is 48″ x 36″
Painted circa 1990
In a private collection
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I did set out painting the apples as I remember. I did not purposely include other foods….I tend to see them now. It is the nature of a good abstract painter to set out with no intent whatsoever. That is what I do. I blindly apply paint to the canvas.
I always hate it the next day and paint over it. This hating it and repainting is called “painting by constant revision”.
I did the same with the background. It has been every color in the universe it seems.
Eventually the background creates a shape, shapism. That is what I have always called it. Abstracts need shape!
Eventually I give up and cast the painting aside in failure.
Six months later I discover it in a corner and it’s like I never saw it before, like someone else did it. I suddenly love it. I actually feel love for this painting. It has a life. It will be gone someday.