Was it Now Poem by Edy Lou Benjamin

Was it Now ?

Was it April love
what snapped a pic
of her reflection
in a mirror
a feeling never shared
why she did not know
she only found the celluloid
there is a smile for the thought
a frown for the missed.

From Lawrence Welk
to Harry Chapin and beyond
Chopin and beyond
music / laughter / truthful eyes
Leaving on a jet plane
Dream Baby

“Then leave me now,” he says,
there on the rails praying,
someone who gave me trust –
a golden sort of trust.

There he sat praying
poet’s pen in hand
for the souls lost
as they consume and destroy
our source of life,
this planet Earth.

Ah, so
we have all made our choices
may peace thoughts have global reaching
may no stomach be sated until
no stomachs growl
may we all find peace.