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Ward Kelley




Sweet cat playing guitar on my blinds
             Please let me sleep
Your man and I must rest our weary minds
  This concert must end my dear friend
        late night is a time for sleep

Step on my head only lightly if you must
        Lie beside me not on my face
                     - Whap - 
      Your tail keeps time on my nose
          but soft the tempo slows
        could it be he's fallen asleep
    only for a moment - that's how it goes

And after the concert you bring me toy mice
             mew meew meeeewww!
               eyaaghh - a serenade
            I have such a talented cat

While You Were Away

While you were away this is what I did all day
I took a nap on your laundry then the red chair
you could probably tell by all my white hair

I had a few friends over
we used your bed for a trampoline

bouncing trouncing way up to the fan
whirling twirling gaining speed
whhooosh smack- into the wall
ow meow
didn't hurt at all
whirling twirling sailing free
birdcatching practice that's for me
oof- hard landing on the sofa
dig in my nails
slept a little chased our tails

then - we had a snack
that tuna salad on the second shelf
and some milk and cheese
you weren't there so we had to help ourself
after we ate we licked the plates clean
didn't want to leave a mess so we made them all gleam

after eating it was time to play
Tuffy and Dutchess on the windowsill dash
Blinky and Stump the refrigerator jump
Dolly and Bess - they played chess
and I - just watched a movie with my best friend Sam
we acted out our favorite part
knowing all the lines by heart
what a busy day I had while you were away
and then when you come home and find me fast asleep and alone
I hear you say what a lazy cat I have


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