The Movie Guys Judy Chaikin Girls in the Band


The Movie Guys Judy Chaikin Girls in the Band

The Movie Guys interview Judy Chaikin whose recent movie The Girls in the Band is now available on video.  Lady musicians is a cause Artvilla took up as part of our series on Lady Jazz Musicians.

The Movie guys is a fun show and, in this segment, Judy Chaikins talks about her start in film. We catch a glimpse of another industry where women have a hard time breaking into, movies. Oh, like music they are there as a singer or actress, but encounter barriers when it comes to the jobs behind the scenes, like director or producer. In many ways Judy is a pioneer in film just like the women musicians she presents in The Girls in the Band. 

As a lad on the farm, I learned that, if I wanted that basketball goal, I had to drag that tree down the hill by myself. Judy learned that, as a woman in Hollywood, she had to buy the camera herself and go out and do it anyway. Golly bravo way to go!

After going to listen to the Lady Jazzers on our page at Artvilla, I have come to know a difference in the music that shows exactly what is broken about our media. Whether it’s music or film or TV, our art is missing its other half. By repressing the female expression we are missing the difference and “vive la différence”. The music of the men is competitive, fast and distinctly male. The music of the women is softer, not competitive and soothing.

The film and TV of the male is brash, exciting, and loud. We are missing the composed, the well written, the intelligent, the quiet which can be exciting. Our media has hit a wall by being one sided. It’s time to allow for more pioneers like Judy Chaikin to bring us out of our malaise.

Watch the Movie Guys on their YouTube Channel. Their show is downright good banter about movies and worth the subscription. They do need to work on their own filming a bit. I would suggest not hiding your guest behind a microphone.

……..David Michael Jackson