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Rower Poem by Seymour Shubin



By Seymour Shubin

It came one day

fully, by itself,

without prodding, urging,
even without thought:

Does the river know the rower's


Does the rower know the

river is still here?

I've tried urging on

other things,,
other thoughts,

of the long 8, the straining, the curve

of backs,
the lifting of the shell

on strong arms...

All this and more, but it doesn't stay,

it's wrong, it doesn't say it, add to

what came only yesterday, some twenty

years ago,
the thing that came fully:'

Does the river know the rower's gone?
Does the rower know the river is still here?

Seymour Shubin is the author of fifteen books. In 1953, Seymour Shubin published his first novel, Anyone’s My Name. It quickly became a New York Times bestseller and went on to be recognized as a classic of the field, published in numerous international editions and taught in college courses on both literature and criminology. Subsequently, Shubin wrote more than a dozen other novels, including one, The Captain, that was a finalist for the Edgar Allan Poe Award and selected for the mystery reference work 100 Great Detectives.
This bio courtesy of Hard Case Crime books which are published in collaboration with the Titan Publishing Group, which is distributed by Random House in the United States and Canada, and by Grantham Book Services (GBS) in other English-speaking territories throughout the world.

Joel ( Rower Poem) © 2011 by Seymour Shubin, All rights reserved


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