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Paul Cézanne Documentaries

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PBS Cezanne in Provence

Cézanne Portraits | Exhibitions | Showcase

Impressionists Session 1

Paul Cezanne: A collection of 645 works (HD)

Paul Cezanne -Three Colors ( Documentary )

Paul Cézanne: The father of modern art | National Gallery

Paul Cezanne and his Revolutionary Optics

History's Greatest Impressionists (Arts Documentary) | Perspective

Cézanne Et Moi - Official Trailer

Paul Cezanne Understanding Modern Art Part 1

Paul Cezanne: 6 Minute Art History Video

Paul Cézanne: The Life of an Artist - the founder of Modern Art

Cezanne, The Large Bathers

Paul Cézanne Introduction ("Distortions") - Origins of Modern Art 1

Cezanne: Art and Life

The Getty Cézanne: Is Beauty Mystery?

The conservator's eye: Madame Cézanne in the Conservatory

Cézanne Portraits: Alastair Sooke goes behind the scenes

Cézanne | Courtauld Impressionists | National Gallery

Paul Cezanne - WM

Paul Cézanne : "Notre père à tous" (P. Picasso)

Paul Cézanne, the painter that conquered Rome with apples

Cézanne's Portraits: Doubt, Certainty, and Painting in Series

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