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God Don't Let Them Go to War Again Poem


God don't let them go to war again
by Summer Music

God don't let them
go to war again
all sides calling
your name in vain
1st commandment offense
vain and war is vain
oh insane, insane
acid burning bellies
food burning poisons
metals in the water
drowning in oil
who can survive
when the flowers die
when the children die
no reason left
when all is war
killing millions
orgasmically declaring
"ours is the only way"
"we have the only truth"
truth of what???
where to go when dead?
eternal damnation's fire"
was there not fire enough
in Hiroshima?
what earthly father
damns their children?
what earthly mother
sours her milk willfully?
listen listen & remember
"A child will lead them"
we must follow
they know the way
thru the needle's eye
& you & i
must find our own child lost
reach out our heart
to the Unknown God
undescribed by greed
& work & pray
pray & work
for Mother Earth
& please, God, please
don't let them go to war
no more, no more.


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