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Cloud Poem


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By David Jackson

You can be sure of one thing.
///////////////////////////I won’t tell you,
I won’t tell you to
Think about it.
///// I want you to
that you’re on a cloud. And you’re layin’ there on
that soft
////////////// cloud, And you’re lookin’ up at th’ other clouds and
//////you’re makin’ out
/////// locomotion
////////////////an’ trains
//////////////////////////and planes
//////////////////////////////////and indians.
As you’re layin there on that cloud
//////you don’t ask
///////////////how is it that I can lay on this cloud
you just lean back
////// and look at the sky,
An’ you grab you a little piece of cloud and
//////you fluff it into the air and
/////////////////////////////////////////////////////// disappears and
///////////// HOW
//////////////////// is not so important,
////////////////////////////////// nor WHERE, nor WHAT, nor WHEN.
That little piece of cloud over there,
I do believe!
Yes !
I think I see!
That’s what it is!

I can see the top of my feet
sticking out
of the cloud below me
and hanging in mid-air
because in our dreams we don’t need
you see,
yes, in our dreams we can fly like
a bird
in the sky.

Copyright © 1998 by David Michael Jackson, All rights reserved

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