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Amir Or -- Bio:

Born in Tel Aviv, Israel in 1956. Among other occupations he has worked as a shepherd, a builder and a restauranteur. He studied philosophy and Comparative Religion in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, where he later lectured on Ancient Greek Religion and is the founder of Helicon Society for the Advancement of Poetry in Israel and is currently the director and chief editor of Helicon poetry Journal.

Or has published numerous papers, articles and essays on literature, theology and the classics. He has translated poetry and prose from Greek, Latin, English and other languages. His collections of poetry include I Look Through The Monkeys' Eyes (1987), Faces (1991), Ransoming The Dead (1994), So! (1995) Poem (1996) and Day (1998).

Selections of his poems have been published in translation in the books Poetry is a Criminal Girl (Arabic, Faradis, Paris 1995), Miracle (EnglishHebrew, Poetry Ireland, Dublin 1998) and Drowning, He Breaths Living Water (Macedonian, Peliades series of the SPE poetry festival, Struga 2000) as well as in various anthologies and magazins in German, English, French, Spanish, Russian, Slovenian, Polish, Arabic and Japanese.

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