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Songs of Laura Longon


Miscellaneous Poetry Readings

Susan Mandel Reads

Poem by Andy Derryberry     
My Heels Click     Poem by Andy Derryberry
No Red.mp3      Poem by David Jackson
You Cannot Be Free    Poem by Wayne Jackson

Music by Andy Derryberry

Andy Derryberry guitar
Dave Jackson synthesizer:

KEV                    Poem by Andy Derryberry
                                    Reading by Susan Mandel....Recommended

To Chance
You Smile the best you can
Rainy_Night_In_Monkey_Town....Poem by Ken Peters...Reading ...Dave....Music....Andy
Too Late
Bottles in the Sea
Summer Breeze
It is Not Enough
Supermercado  by Ken Peters
Ah Dylan by David Mitchell
Blatticimus by David Mitchell

  Recorded at Artvilla Studios

Artvilla Classics
Poetry With Music
Guaranteed to please
All poems and readings 
by David Michael Jackson
Why Wait      2.3 meg
Shallow       2.2 meg
Sipping       5.6 meg 
This Time    2.3 meg
Cloud    2.5 meg
Hopi  3.9 meg
The_Fire 2.3 meg
Turn Us Over    3.5 meg

Recorded at Artvilla Studios


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