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Poems of Janet Buck

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Janet Buck
Poetry plus music by one of America's most published
poets. Janet Buck is accompanied by David Jackson's music with guest appearances by Andy Derryberry, Chris Carmichael, And JC.

Mp3's These are not clips
Assumption                2.4 meg
Botticelli Bottlebrush  2.3 meg
Chipmunks On My Tennis Shoe  1.9 meg
Hardbound Books      1.6 meg
Nice Lavender    1.9 meg
Popped Umbrellas     2 meg
Pundits On Grief      2 meg
Silent Canyons       1.7 meg
Swinging Doors       2.3 meg
The Cueball Strike     2.3 meg
The EKG      1.9 meg
The Spelling Lesson         2 meg
The Titanic and the Iceburg  2.6 meg
Warm Sorbet       1.5 meg
Wilting Fuschias    2 meg
Avocado Issue Pie         2.1 meg

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