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AAA Poetry Rochelle Hope Mehr

Emotions (2)
                       by Rochelle Hope Mehr

It's some biochemical calculus I'm stuck with.
Some squamous stoichiometry embedded in my brain.
This minefield I wade through.
This minerological colossus I pay obeissance to each day.

It's there, lodged sinisterly somewhere I can't see:


Unbending Time

Last night
I saw what the Future was like
If Time bent
And let me slink
Into its folds.

I saw a man
Glowering at me.
This iciness seeped

Into my bones.
This indifference to my pain.
He had taken me
To bandage a wound.
To provide comfort.

But my sacrifice
Lacked sincerity
And I heaved up
Words of perdition
As my soul

Slumped into submission.
I woke up
Smeared with the Present.
Drenched with sweat.
And grateful for the lineality

And irreversibility
Of Time.


Rochelle Hope Mehr

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