Marian McPartland, Benny Carter, Harry Sweets Edison, Al Grey, Louie Bellson, Milt Hinton Jam

On Green Dolphin Street

Marian McPartland on piano
on alto, Benny Carter
on trumpet, Harry Sweets Edison
Al Grey on trombone

Milt Hinton on bass and
Louie Bellson on drums.
This was recorded in Vienna in Austria in 1991. Our latest entries about Marian McPartland

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Marian McPartland   Benny Carter  Sweets Edison   Al Grey    Milt Hinton   Louie Bellson

This is one great jam. These artists are so relaxed with each other and no one is showboating. I love this about jazz. This:

Everybody gets their say, their turn, yet they all spend most of the time in a supporting role. It is a lesson in humility and respect for each other.

That’s when art sneaks out
and grabs you,
doesn’t it?
Grabs you and says,
hey this is
these sounds
they go out
into this air
this air I breathe
these sounds they go out
and disappear like
yesterday’s flower

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