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Cat Poems (Poem by Laura Greenall)

Cat Poems By Laura Greenall

Here I am, sitting in my chair
They all want to sit with me there
Using my leg they start to climb
Start with one, then add nine
Seven still left to go
Where they'll sit, I do not know.


I cried some tears today.
I had to send my cats away

We have no more money for their care
But they have lots of love to share

Children to cherish them
Old folks to pet them

A better home to share with others
Boys and girls, sisters and brothers.

The Cat Patrol
On silent cat paws
He strides through the kitchen.
Tough guy walk
He demands food.
The cupboard door slams
Announcing dinnertime.
"Share with the others," I say.
The pitter patter of
Six more quads of feet
Sound on the linoleum.
Kitten clumsy they come
On a run of tumbling,
Squirming, fur clad bodies.
I am overrun by kittens.

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