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Shafts of light,
Discerning the light of truth,
Man's higher self,
Delicately evolving,
Slips out of reach,
Yet in man's hope and faith,
There's a glimpse,
Of our maker's wondrous treasure of light,
Smiling at it's certainty,
Amidst the darkness, decay, destruction and struggle.

©1999 Jacqueline Howett

Rest in My Love

Rest in my love, rest,
it is not today we care,
Your journey has been long, rest.
Love's sensibilities hold you too tight.
Yet, it is life that sings,
Look first to your own and be brave,
Hold love, but do not restrain,
This love is precious and is pure,
Look inside and see,
You are a blossoming, coming through,
Kind fate shines upon you,
No doubt you need love now,
And real places in time,
Look, it is you holding the wonders there,
Look after yourself, my dear.
Be happy with your lot.
Nobody is dealt all correct.
We look after you now.
I know your road has been long.
You are tired of this way, rest.

© 1999 Jacqueline Howett

Rich Home of My Soul

Rich home of my soul,
I have not forgotten your tenderness,
When harsh cruel forces come and go,
Seemingly at their own whim,
I come again and drink of your cup.

©Jacqueline Howett 2000-2002

      Jacqueline Howett born in London England, came to live in Maine in 1988/9 and has been a full time author/poet/play writer/artist/home maker, and of late, online promoter. She has written two major novels of her early life that have taken 14 years to complete. The Greek Seaman and The London Cassandra. She has self published a book of poetry by Elivlio Publishing titled: Amorphous Angelic, Selected Poems with several others poetry books in the wings, including a book of poems translated from the Greek language, which she composed after the death of her Greek born mother in 1996. These she hopes to make available in audio. She has published poetry on various internet poetry sites and anthology’s, and for several years maintains numerous websites for promoting Authors in the Spotlight, Poets Spotlight and Artist Spotlight which she e-mails out at random at her sites ATLinkswith and ATLinkswithPoetry.

      Her own site is called JACQS WORLD where you can view all links and her wares.

      When not writing, Jacqueline enjoys biking and walking back bay in Portland, and the local Islands, swimming at Sebago lake, the café scene in Portland, attending occasionally writer/poet/artist events, theater, cooking, gardening and growing herbs and veggies at home in Portland, Maine.

Charlotte's Web Page     Artvilla     ©Jacqueline Howett

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