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The DMJ Art Connection Disc 1
The readings of Janet Kuypers have been heard by thousands via file sharing sites around the world...
I'm Not Sick But I'm Not Well
The One at the Mardi Gas
Throw the Shoes
The Way You Tease Me
and many others
Janet Kuypers
DMJ Art Connection Disc 1

Janet Kuypers is the exciting new poet from Chicago.
The New Age music is by
David Michael Jackson
Andy Derryberry
Harold Skelton


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the ;DMJ Art Connection Disc 1

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tracks include:
    Across the Room, After The Wreckage, All Men Have Secrets, At Least I Have This, Baggage, Burning Building, Crime Spree, Death, Do You Feel It Too, Downward Spiral, Dream One: Dog Stuck To My Face, Farmer, For Diana, God, I’m A Record Now, I’m Not Sick But I’m Not Well, Isn’t It Amazing, Military Police, My Dead Daughter, New Millennium and True Happiness, Standing Alone, Stop Fighting It, The Car Of My Dreams, The Way You Tease Me, The One At Mardi Gras, This Is What We Do, Throw The Shoes, Timing Is Everything, Truck on a Truck, What The Hell Is She Complaining About, and White Picket Fence.

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