Iphone Poem by Jackson

iphone poem

The Iphone Poem

will I sit later in the coffee shop

are you sitting there
is that you over there
at that table
reading words on the screen
with your backpack beside you

are you on your Iphone

will your finger touch
this word
or this word as we scroll

wheee I roll by
wheee you scroll me the other way
I slide by like there are
tiny bearings under me

I look around

I like the case
looks a lot like mine

nice outfit
looks good

this thing has a good camera

I can see you
are a new visitor
and chances are you will spend
twenty three point seven seconds
and will leave this page

I am that old man
near the window
watching the birds
in the parking lot
and feeling

the birds pause on the
back of a chair
one looks my way

I type these words

your finger scrolls the birds

into view

david michael jackson