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How to Make Bronze Art

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How To Make Sculpture

Making a Bronze Grizzly: Part 2: Making the mold

Making a Bronze Grizzly: Part 2: Making the mold

Bronze Casting – Complete Process (wax to final patina)

Prescott foundry creates stunning bronze sculptures

How to make bronze sculptures - lost wax bronze casting

How to Create Bronze Sculptures

Art In Action: Bronze Process

The Creation of a Bronze Sculpture

Clay to Bronze; the lost wax method

Cold Cast Bronze Tutorial: Mint green patina

How to Make Aluminum Bronze: Alloying Molten Copper and Aluminum at Home

Bronze casting process I A modern take on Rodin's work

How to Identify a Quality Bronze Sculpture

How Its Made - 092 Bronze Sculptures

Bronze Casting

How to Make a Bronze Sculpture

The Making of Lost Wax Bronze Sculptures

Custom art bronzes English Bulldog bronze sculpture - covers base assembly, patina; foam packing

Clay to Bronze - An Encyclopedic Guide to Making Bronze Statues with John Brown

Resin Casting Tutorial: Cold Cast Bronze Dusting Method

Bronze Deities : A Timeless Chola Art

How to Make a Bronze Sculpture Part One

How to make bronze sculptures: Lost Wax Cast Bronze / Fine Art Bronze Casting

Bronze Patina - Life of the Artists - Vlog 02

How to create bronze sculptures with Frank Miles I Colour In Your Life

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