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How to Make a Lithograph

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How to make a lithophane/lithograph using Cura

How to make a lithophane/lithograph using Cura

How Its Made - 1423 Lithographs

What is a lithograph?

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Lithography Hand Drawn Four Color Separation

Paper Litho

Stone Lithography

Simple lithographic printing

Printing Lithography

Lithograph from Claybord

3D Printing the Perfect Lithophane Picture

Lithography is based upon the fact that oil and water do not mix. It was invented in 1796 by German author and actor Alois Senefelder as a cheap method of publishing theatrical works. Lithography is done with polished stones or metal. Lithography originally used an image drawn with oil, fat, or wax onto the surface of a smooth, level lithographic limestone plate. The stone was treated with a mixture of acid and gum arabic, etching the portions of the stone which were not protected by the grease-based image. When the stone was subsequently moistened, these etched areas retained water; an oil-based ink could then be applied and would be repelled by the water, sticking only to the original drawing. The ink would finally be transferred to a blank paper sheet, producing a printed page. This traditional technique is still used in some fine art printmaking applications..........Murfreesboronet   For further info try Wiki

The intent of a lithograph is to let the artist speak through the stone.

The artist-as-printer has an intimate relationship with the tools of lithography—the inks, the stones or plates, the sticks and brushes. That relationship is no less subjective than that of a painter to his canvas, paints and brushes. Lithography is a beautiful artistic medium in itself, and should not be judged on its ability to imitate another medium.....The Collector's guide

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