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Greed or Needs Poem


Greed or Needs
By Phil Coyote

Here’s how it works, baby
This is how it will be
Sell your soul for money, baby
It’s the economy.

Work, beg, borrow and steal
Until you’ve got a pile
Walk all over anyone
To go your extra mile.

Invest in the stock exchange
In obscene corporate greed
Never mind the CEOs living like Caesars
While most the world’s in need

Never mind the slave laborers
Making all the cheap stuff
The clothes you wear
The crap you use
Just remember life is rough.

Domination and pollution
Enforced by the bald eagle’s flock
Anyone who resists in the Third World hells
Will end up bombed or shot.

Let’s all go to Walmart now
Have a little shopping spree
Smile at the underpaid hopeless helpers
Scrambling for rotten fruit from the rotten tree.

This is how it works, baby
This is how it is
Give your blood for oil, baby
Give your first born kid.

Everything depends on fossil fuel
Deep beneath desert sand
Your SUV, your pickup truck
Your way of life so grand.

If We are not the government
And corporations rule
Then We are helpless to change
Our world to kind from cruel.

Greed or Need Poem © 2011 by Phil Coyote , All rights reserved


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