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The One That Comes In the Night
by Michelle
  The one that comes in the night
  you may have
  the many to follow
  do with what you will...
  These words
  I shall continue to send...
  Filling your thoughts in
  in times of awakening
  as in your dreams...
  My beauty I give to you
  within your sleep
  find me...

   Truly a poet is she
   Her words will engrave your every thought
   You will dream her words
   As you bask in the warmth of your bed
   They will awaken you far before the birds arise
   Perhaps she does enchant you
   Mysterious in some way
   Whether or not her words are noticed
   They will always continue
   These words are not merely dropped
   They are her life
   Without her words
   She would not exist
   Her passion...
   Far to hot
   The cookies would burn
   She will enrapture you
   Take a bite
   Think of her...---------- 

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