Ceramic Wall Hanging Designs

Clay sculpture wall hanging design ideasLooking for ceramic wall hanging design ideas?

If you came for ceramic wall hanging designs then you are at the right place. See our art displayed in the gallery below. Our designs are made by molding clay which is heat treated and hand painted. Every clay pottery ornamentation is available to be purchased. These one-of-a-kind hanging decorations and are excellent stand-out craftsmanship pieces made by real artists.

Each piece is specially constructed so that it hangs on your wall without having to purchase special wires or strings. Mounting sculptures from our shop is easy. All artwork has loops built into the back and have leveling pads so the 3D sculpture fits flat on your wall. These hanging helpers are not affected by humidity or temperature variations. There is no need to purchase specially constructed frames or mounting boards to hang our artwork.

Top Handmade Clay Wall Hanging Ideas Online

When looking for ceramic wall art ideas Pinterest has many creative ideas but unfortunately you can not buy from them. You can discover unique home ideas, style inspirations ans other colorful ideas to try.

Wall Art Using Clay

At Etsy you can shop for clay wall art and also sell your creativity if you are an artist. They have many categories like “Art & Collectibles”, “Home & Living”, “Craft Supplies & Tools” and many more. In addition, one of the best features I like is that you can search by items type like “Handmade” or “Vintage”.

Creative Wall Decoration With Clay

Hanging clay on your walls brings about it’s own challenges. For instance, clay is very heavy so the artwork must be constructed in such a fashion that it is made to hang on the wall without the fear of falling. Usually, artists will have made special hooks or loops into the back of the design. The buyer should not have to be a specialist in hanging art or run to the store for special wires and hooks for hanging. When buying clay ceramic wall art I look at the back of the sculpture for embedded wires or some built-in way the artist has provided for hanging the piece. The larger the artwork the more loops and hangers needed so the weight of the sculpture can be equally distributed. I also prefer wire instead of string. Over a period of time string may deteriorate to the point it will fail. If the art work is 3D or multidimensional in design it will need support in certain areas to keep the sculpture flat on the wall. The artist will find it necessary to build raised leveling areas in the back of the artwork.