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Famous Internet Cat cauliflower



Photo by Paul Gilbert
British Columbia, Canada
Paul Gilbert is the renown publisher of the ezine Above Ground Testing
Cauliflower's story as related so well by Paul:

Years ago, when I lived in Vancouver BC, we decided to
get a cat.  so we went to the SPCA.  As we looked
around the cat section, we saw all sorts of cute
kittens and cats.  Then there was this one, rather
strange looking, scraggly animal.  He was skinny and
had a strange look on his face.
  as the children looked at him, he let out this
plaintive 'meow' that immediately melted all their

  above his cage was a sign which read "I'm really not
a mean or scary cat, I'm friendly"

he was given the name "Cauliflower" because his
previous owner had let an ear infection get out of
control.  He apparently scratched his ears to shreds
so the staff gave him the name  "Cauliflower" ( as in
Cauliflower ears-)
  that's the story of the name and how we got him.
  since then he has been a beloved member of the
household giving love and only asking for our total
worship and allegiance.



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