Batman Poem

Nobody reads poems,


they are all over at Assassin’s Creed

or Angry Birds

nobody is going to read this crappola, buddy

why don’t you post some Batman so you can get

some real readers

but you keep writing these poems

well they ain’t here goofo

they are on mindless television

seeing another body

another mutilated body

and blood on the wall

and brains

they are all over there waiting for the

team to get together after the next commercial

about their depression medicine.


Did you think about it again

and come back

did you bring Batman this time

or just come back to

deliver another overwhelming question

the question

that’s it

another question

paint it on the walls

where do we go from here?


We find that one batman person

that one precious one

who wanted a batman poem

and we




welcome spirit survivor.





david michael jackson  july 9,2012   send Batman poems