Art by Cassie Leary

cassie learyDrawing by Cassie Leary
1996, age 4

This image has been with us since 1996. My memory escapes me and I cannot recall anything else. I have several children’s images from that time and will be presenting them as art.
This image expresses all the existential feelings of “I am here but where am I?” that any artist seeks. Should any artist get as good as Cassie Leary age four then they have arrived at their destination.

Here is another

“My Brother and I” by Cassie Leary

Check out the dog!

What is art? It is the soul painted perfectly, it is the impression of beauty itself, it is an abstraction of color and shape, it is paint dripped on a canvas, it is rectangles of certain colors, it is a blank canvas painted a cream color, it is Elephant dung on a Madonna, it is an installation of string on a table, it is all of these. It is what you see above.

If you see good art on the frig, frame it!

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