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Drawing by Cassie Leary
1996, age 4

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This page will be dedicated to finding good poetry and art

Artvilla .......ArtPage Images. Art, poetry the cats and the kitchen sink.
Modern Art Paintings and Images....Modern art paintings
Abstract Art For Sale.....Osnat
Moongate De Homo Sentiens ..............The best of the modern poets. ..............A truly classic site.
The Poetry Book organization dedicated to providing the latest information and guidance about contemporary published poetry in the UK and Ireland. Founded by T S Eliot in 1953
William Carlos Williams........Read the poetry 
The poetry of Chris Barnes     Our friend in the UK ........ Ah the windy city. The capital of poetry in the USA CJ Laity is at the center of Chicago's poetry scene  At the center of America's poetry scene. This site has recordings too.
Tony Nesca's Blog      A modern Bukowski

    Hey we are in the southeast too......a very professional site.   The Phoenix Rising From the Ashes. Le Phénix renaissant de ses cendres Anthology of / de sonnets TBP spring 2013
David Michael Jackson
KimDrewWright .....Poet and Writer
The Wilson Buzz.......a good writer
Wide Wallpapers HD
Wordplay Poetry Blog
Silliman's Blog.........considered the best in the world
Passenger Creek
Clarksville Links   Murfreesboro Links
Between the Lines 
Abstract Art Original 
Reviewsville. Reviews of movies, books, games, art
Original Art For Sale 
Four Shades of Grey
The Poetry of David Michael Jackson....Selected poems and poetry

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