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By David Jackson

You can be sure of one thing.
I wonít tell you,
I wonít tell you to
Think about it.
I want you to
that youíre on a cloud. And youíre lying there on
that soft
cloud, And youíre lookiní up at thí other clouds and
youíre makiní out
and trains
and planes
and indians.
As youíre lying there on that cloud
you donít ask
how is it that I can lie on this cloud
you just lean back
and look at the sky,
Aní you grab you a little piece of cloud and
you fluff it into the air and
disappears and
is not so important,
nor WHERE, nor WHAT, nor WHEN.
That little piece of cloud over there,
I do believe!
Yes !
I think I see!
Thatís what it is!

I can see the top of my feet
sticking out
of the cloud below me
and hanging in mid-air
because in our dreams we donít need
you see,
yes, in our dreams we can fly like
a bird
in the sky.

Cloud Poem

Copyright © 1998 by David Michael Jackson, All rights reserved

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