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Among the earliest internet artists.This site has been on the net since 1997. Original founding member of DoubleTakeArt and
Artist Statement:
These images have been seen by many many thousands of people since 1997.
I have learned that my internet traffic is significant and my images and concepts of abstract shapes may leave silent ripples.
An artist must feel like the Tibetian monks who make beautiful sand images then sweep them away. To do good work you must know the sand is just as beautiful in the urn. I look at the art years later and don't remember painting it. It was the effort that was important, then. Later it's the art.
As many people pass through here every day as would pass by in the museums, in the galleries. An artist searches for significant images and beauty and for the opportunity for the work to be seen. I've been seen on the internet for many years. A significant show and the support of a significant gallery is needed but not expected. I've been here too long. I just hope my images bring hope to other artists as long as I can provide them.
........David Michael Jackson

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David Michael Jackson
David Michael Jackson
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Well I guess I'll just put new announcements here. The art of every so often page. Maybe you can help.

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