Love is the spring that feeds the well

Love is the spring

that feeds the well,

the well where we lower

our bucket.

We lower the bucket into

our own well of hope

for the ladies,

for the children,

for each other,

for ourselves.

We lower this bucket and we drink

the water

and the spring rushes from

the earth

and the well

never runs dry

as long as there is


david michael jackson may 6, 2012

The One Good One Poem

Completely he turned to the left,

to the right.

“Don’t stop moving the fingers”,

he said,

“The keys must click like horses hooves.”

Turn at last

toward the angry people you met and the one



with the smile today,

when she didn’t have to,

when it wasn’t necessary,

when it


Thank you.

The one good one is the


The others are

to be

simply forgotten

…………the silver moon

demands it.

The silver moon

is sometimes golden

like that smile.

david michael jackson May 4, 2012

Hat Poem

Hat Poem

Hats say something.

they are never ever ever just hats.

They are

cowboy hats

baseball caps,

top hats.

They speak up, these hats,

they make statements,

they are never ever ever quiet,

hats know they are on top.

Sometimes the ladies

wear feathers in them,

the gentlemen tip them,

we straighten them.

They are always on the

top top top

of the world, these hats,

but what you don’t know is


never wanted to be


they wanted to be


because they all heard

beavers can




Lonely Lives Poem

Lonely lives

aren’t so lonely

with a smile,

so if you see a



smile for them.

david michael jackson

Forgotten Corners Poem

Forgotten corners
hideaways like the

forgotten corners of a keyboard,
the feeling of the keys
the fingers now flying
click click spacebar click

like time ticking these words away
almost silent almost not there at all
these words
these poems

always in the night
always alone with the day

so what to say this day
this day
this day
this insignificant day

this most important day


like a brake
like a wake

like this poem

falling falling into nothingness
I am falling falling into nothingness
from almost nothing
not existing at all
or there like a
stone in the river
being swept along
by the water
The water flows over me
and I am cleansed
and cold

My Guitar Poem

My guitar waits patiently

high strung and vocal,

but patient.

I should write a guitar poem

for her.

She has a nice figure

and a sweet voice.

Yes I should write for

this guitar for


has helped me

make it through the night.

I touch her gently,

she responds.

I sing

songs with


American TV Poem

American TV Poem


Oh another body.

Look at the blood.

Good job on smashing the skull.

They’ll have to cut this one up.

They’ll get the team together,

everybody will reveal something.

We’ll get this mystery solved

before the last commercial

just like the last time and

the last show.

Which one is this?

Ooh more blood.

Stepping Stones Poem

Stepping Stones Poem

These poems are stepping stones
slick with wet moss
in the stream.
You may cross the stream on
these stones
and avoid the swirling water

but be careful with your step.

You can slip and fall,
fall in the cold water,
go down stream to
where we never
to the valley of the stepping stones
where the waters flow up hill and the
animals all know you and they know
the stories of the stones and they
tell them to you.
They tell you
Don’t give up.
Do not despair.
Have true hope and

david michael jackson April 22,2012

My Cat Poem

My cat wants my time
not my money.
My hand is her baby
her master
her lover and
her mother.
She has to have my touch.
She must feel that we are
lying around together
my cat and I.
My cat and I
we touch and she drapes
her leg over my hand
and her tail touches
My finger touches
She licks my finger.
We are cats together
lying in a blissful pile
of cats.

my cat poem david michael jackson April 24, 2012

The Silicon Master Poem

These fingers

these fat fingers move over the keyboard again

fast now as I have learned to go fast

on this thing and

slow in life.

Slow down and breathe.

You don’t need to multitask

your way to hell on earth.

Have we gone too far

to turn back

back to the pasture,

back to the day fishing,


the silicon master.

The silicon master calls.

The silicon master demands

a reply,


thousand replies.

You can’t take your laptop



david michael jackson