Last Is Best When by Summer Breeze and Ken Peters

Last is best when
the rose returns
when games are over
when the music is heard
above the din
Ken Peter’s pens:
“time’s perfume
distilled breathe
distilled in an alembic
distilled drop being clear
clear drop reflecting
reflection dropping slowly
into the vial
into the lives
waiting on
a scent”

No Whores in Doorways Poem

No Whores in Doorways Poem

I have no whores

no cigarrette butts

no subway graffitti

no gutsy New York or
Chicago poem

no Buk

no pound of flesh

no whores in doorways

no nights spent scratching my stubble while
streets are lined with derelict lives.

no dirty plates

the quiet of solitude

the purpose of
doing nothing
on purpose

no whores in doorways
no grit

just a cat

and that dear

is enough

david michael jackson 2012

If There Were Reason

If there were reason
then all of the atoms would line up
with all of the flowers.
If there were a rationale
there would still be death
and the need for death
and the chip in the wall,
the one atom out of place,
which always causes everything
to fall and tumble
in a pile of
life and death
and flowers growing
on a hillside
like the random notes
of the brook

david michael jackson

Two For One Sale

The chair creaks
the roof doesn’t leak
there is a doorway,
I can see umbrellas
paint and guitars
and dreams

The chair creaks and the winter
and the trees wait patiently
like this poem,
wait patiently
for the spring breeze to
say that we made it through another
too warm or too cold,
alone or together,
we made it,
and the ice will be gone
and the water will be there
there is a
two for one sale
in the hydrogen
and oxygen department,
and the world lines up
for spring

david michael jackson

What did you do with the Money Poem

What did you do with the money
the money for singing lessons?
I could have drawn that.
Is that your nose?
You think you’re some kinda Hemingway, huh?
Hey everybody over here
We got us a Shakespeare.

You aren’t gonna
sing us another are you?
Why do you do that?

I will not answer you
I will only try to not kill you
and in not killing you
I’ll find a way to finish this poem
dust myself off
have a good cry
and forget

david michael jackson

Soundscapes and birds eating bottle caps


and birds eating bottle caps

confuse me

We suddenly seem
so small
with our
sonar subs
which can’t find airplanes

and so big
with the birds eating bottle caps

Party at the beach
birds eating bottle caps

stupid birds

don’t eat those bottle caps

It’s plastic
What’s wrong with You!

Dreamstreet Man poem by Dandelion de la Rue

Porch swing life in
some other place
moon humming happy
bugs playing fiddles
pies cooling
by the window

Down the road awhile
in smokey midnight bars
torchy songs low and thick
red lipstick eyes closed
songs for someone gone
a long long time

Outside slow motion
wakes the blood
sends foggy feet
to the magic house
yellow glow windows
Strong souls there,
souls so big
they never die.

Dreamstreet Man
drew that door
then walked through it.
You don’t know
he said
who’s the dream
and who’s the dreamer.

The air’s the same
The air’s the same.
It’s the same good
honeysuckle air.

Shoes Poem

The shoes lie on the floor

with their their laces touching.

One of the


is on its side.

A third shoe has found its way

and has joined the other two shoes.

They have become a family of shoes,

lying there with their laces


watiing for me to

go to bed so they

can be in the dark together.

Shoes in the dark can walk sometimes,

sometimes can run,

and they run

and run

and can find treasure

and bring it back for you

and it will be there in the morning

and the shoes will lie there

like they

don’t know

like they are

just shoes

david michael jackson April 14 2012

Beautiful Flower Poem

You cannot expect to find

a beautiful flower poem


I can write nothing

as beautiful as a flower.

If millions read my poem

every day for

a million years,

its beauty can last

no longer

than a

flower lives.

david michael jackson May 11, 2012