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Abstract Expression and artist David Jackson

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David Jackson, recognized for his innovation and eclectic style has become one of the "New South's" most recognized living artists because of the exposure his images have received on the internet..  The painting style is self taught-in fact he has refused to allow influence from art instruction rather his influences are life itself, other artists and the masters.  David Jackson uses so many different techniques that his work has been compared to Picasso simply because he refuses to be "pinned" to any set style. This constant searching for "the next step" leads to vibrancy in color and expression rarely found. The result is dramatic .  His strong use of light and color creates a shared expression of the "search"

Born in 1948 to a Scottish Irish father and a Brazillian mother, David Michael Jackson is a native Southerner.  His paintings convey a message of the shared search for beauty-  He has earned recognition from art exhibitions on the internet throughout the world.

impressionism and abstractionism

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"Limited Editions" are available for purchase directly from this site.

For more information or to purchase artwork please send David an e-mail message.


David Michael Jackson

2547 Choctaw Trace
Murfreesboro, Tn 37129

Phone (615) 895 2626

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