Useful Copyright Guide

Dangerous to Assume – Understanding What Copyright Actually Means

Most of us understand what copyright is and why it is necessary, but there are plenty of myths and misconceptions surrounding the topic to muddy the waters, which could easily create an unwelcome problem at some point.

The Ultimate Guide to Copyright aims to do what it says on the tin and give you a clearer understanding of how it works and provide you with a better working knowledge of an act of law that is open to vastly different interpretations and assumptions. The guide aims to give you a concise view of copyright basics, plus a host of other useful tips and pointers.

Whether you are producing or consuming content that is subject to copyright, it is important to understand what is legal and what isn’t.

We found this guide to be a valuable resource. We have published many thousands of posts of poems, art and music since 1998. If we are in error, we will remove any material that does not meet the requirements once we are notified.

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