Sources of Creativity

Elizabeth Gilbert is saying something very brilliant here. This website has been churning for 14 years. To say I’m good is one thing but to say I’m not creative is quite another. Creativity never needs this greatness thing. It’s perfectly possible to create bad things and be creative. It is associated with action, not attribute.

Creativity is associated with overcoming fear. As a poet who is not recognized it is hard to discuss this creativity thing because my poems are possibly temporary little flowers blooming behind a rock in an unknown forest. Who am I to speak. See! Fear of not being the genius stifles one so I’ll speak anyway. That’s creativity. Creative works are judged. Works judged unworthy are lost in the garage.

The artist must create. When the artist, poet, writer, musician says, “No one wants my work.”, the creative urge does not go away. Any creative person can tell you that the urge is external in some sense. Often when the voice is there I am a scribe and I find a poem on the page. Every poem ends itself and I don’t know from where the ending came. All writers know that they just spew it out and are not quite sure of the source.

An artist of any kind has to hear, “I could have done THAT!” and has to carry it around and overcome it to try. We have to overcome those words of the other children that made us stop drawing, dancing, singing.
Some of us do it anyway. It’s not us. It’s the helper.
Every day this blog is empty again. Every day I must face the fear of not coming up with something or posting something you may not like or will be crummy.
So I write poems, songs, make art. They will all go poof someday but I thank the voice anyway.

david michael jackson