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God did not say
"I am the only God"
God said
"Put no other Gods before me"
religion plus politics
equals War
what hope is there
when the masses prefer lockstep
to freedom of thought?
Bushism pokes away by little and by sweeps
the Devil says, "God,
I resign!
Humans are more evil than even I can conjur..."


he suffers wildflowers beneath his skin
my poet friend with his pen

sanity so elusive a'midst the madness

feverishly he forms words to touch
a heart with silence's peace


the southwest is aflame
the southeast is afloodin'
here and there earthquakes and AIDs
religiosos create Aregeddon
can't wait for God to send His own
rapturing in self-righteousness
non-indigenous of the Earth
Terrorism thy name is CEOs
billions dribbling down the legs
while the indigenous just plant their corn
and pray a poem of peace


lashes a live squirrel to minature skis
set the frenzied movements of the squirrel to music
who measures the fear a squirrel would feel
un-escapablly being pulled
on tiny skis
in the water
at high speed?

An artist builds a castle of rocks
in memory of Sisyphus.

When will sister
find her twin brother?
When it's a matter
of death or life.

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