Our Simple Publishing Tools Series | Images

Simple Publishing Tools


Simple Requirements:

The image must have a Small file size.

These days our cameras boast about megapixels. The internet still needs fewer pixels .The simple software you need, tells you the file size before you save the image and let’s you adjust it. Our choice is Paint.net.. It’s not Photoshop but it’s quick to learn and does all simple web jobs like cropping and resizing. Design the logos on Photoshop or Gimp. Use Paint.net for everything web.

We use the jpg format as our choice. We consider a file size of 200 kb to be HUGE. Most cameras produce a file size 10 or 100 times that FILE size. Your simple image software can reduce that size for you. When you resize a pic, reduce the resolution to 96 pixels per inch and then size the pic for the screen. Most websites are 1100 or 1200 pixels wide with a 200 or 300 pixel sidebar. That would make a good width of your image 800 pixels on most screens. We make images 1200 wide usually because our “Theme” resizes them.

Mostly we look for a small file size….If our pages take too long to load they don’t rank in Search Engines and don’t work on a phone…..

Images also make their way to Facebook.

The perfect Facebook image is 1200 x 630 pixels.

Often we work with images in bulk. A fantastic tool for this is Faststone Photo Resizer

It can resize and reduce the file size of all photos in a directory, rename them and put the newly named files in another directory. The following four images were sized by Faststone. I had the software add blue borders to three and white to the fourth in order to make them all square. This is a way to have the same size of image with different sizes of pics.When it’s used against a white back ground (the fourth one), you can’t tell it was done……
We use Faststone to reduce file sizes and resize in mass. It’s also a way to make sure that you have unique file names since you can also rename in bulk. If your image is a Product Image. Your camera produces duplicates. Windows deals with duplicates, the internet doesn’t!

Dave Jackson