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David Barnes


David Barnes

Shadows and Mist at South Perth 
Mists shroud the paperbark copse walkway ahead, and 
the swan river behind. At the same time, the high crest 
of Kings Park is as vivid as a spring sky. Ahead, 
head-hunters hide among the trees and shadows. Behind, 
wraith slayers dart, ferries loom. 
               What use is distant clarity? 
© debarnes August -23rd / September 2003 -03

The tide turns (Kalbarri) 
Sea-weed half exposed washes 
across sharp serrated rocks -- 
sways and swirls, sways effortlessly, 
slips against, over them, indifferent 
as tawny coiled sea-snakes twist 
in rapid frenzied motion with the sea --
shadows that fade at dusk, submerge 
unharmed with the tide. 
© debarnes August 2003 -06 

Numbat Poetry Journal


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