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She's the editor of Cafe Society. The Publisher of Poetry Life and Times.  Insider to the internet's best poets. Interviewing Janet Buck,  or Ward KelleyCat TownsendLeslie Blanchard, Elisha Porat!  Donald Ryburn , Barbara CrookerMOP, Otis BeardKlaus GerkinSharon McELROY, Lyn Lifshin, JULIE DAMEREL , MICHAEL STEPHENS, Diana Diaz, she shines. Sometimes websites are judged by numbers of visitors. Sometimes websites are judged by  numbers AND "who came?"
Sara L. Russell was born in Woking, England. She grew up in Staines and was educated mainly in Surrey, after her family moved first to Devon, then to a small village in Surrey called Blindley Heath. It was her
boredom in this small village (she has since moved on) which first drove her to draw cartoons - and begin to write poetry. In recent years, the internet has become an essential part of Sara's poetry activities. After devising the light-hearted nickname in her newsgroup signature, "Pinky Andrexa, last of the Cyber Vixen Poets from Outer Space", she set up a web page to showcase the work of other poets as well as her own, also giving publisher addresses. She then started a poetry ezine, which features interviews with both professional and amateur poets from the UK and the USA. Through this ezine Sara met her current publisher, Elaine Davis, of Kedco Studios / Artist Profile Press, and was later delighted to win Kedco's January 1999 poetry competition with her poem "The Insomniac's Prayer". This poem was featured on Kedco's Turn of The Century Award Winners Anthology on CD rom. Her first complete collection was PINKY'S LITTLE BOOK OF SHADOWS, which was Kedco's first CD ROM to feature video recitals. 

Her second multimedia book with Kedco is called LIFE, TIME AND THE GOLDEN HOUR OF SLEEP, which she has also illustrated. Her work has appeared on various websites including Charlotte's Web at Artvilla, Aylad, Avalon and Curiouser and Curiouser (this latter site was under a different pen name). 

She is currently working on a full-length novel. No details of this are currently available, but many late nights and a few chilled lager beers may well be involved. 

c. Sara L. Russell, 1999

Half past twelve.
The old cat stirs himself awake,
all bristling, black fur and bleary jade-green eyes.
A flicking ear, then a long yawn follows.
He looks at the palm of my hand, blinking slowly.
There's some kind of toy there,
fluffy outside, catnip inside.
He considers it for a moment.
Can't eat it.
Can't fall asleep on it.
Forget it.
The jade eyes slowly close.
It's time for a hard-earned siesta. 

(From Sara's multimedia book 
Life, Time and the GoldenHour ofSleep on 
Kedco Studios' CD ROM  "A Way With Words

c. Sara L. Russell 6/10/98

One day, at the beauty parlour,
Miss Betty Bea Vanilla
found herself in the waiting room
with a large, depressed gorilla.

"What are you in for?" she asked,
as if nothing were amiss.
The gorilla sighed as it replied:

(From Sara's multimedia book Pinky's Little Book of Shadows
published by Kedco Studios

Sara L. Russell 

She looked like a Pre-Raphaelite:
a haze of red hair, ashen skin,
a black skirt under a smock of white,
lips like petals carved in sin,
and you were my Eros, framed in gold,
lush curving locks around your face,
she stole the friend I had dreamed to hold,
body and soul, with her stealthy grace.

She lured your eye with no effort at all;
I began to disappear.
I became transparent, small,
I was the voice too low to hear.
You and she were everywhere,
in all my favourite college haunts -
Eros and Pre-Raphaelite-Hair,
with silent looks that pierced like taunts.

The pain grew deeper, a dull ache,
a self-devouring, dark despair.
Hearts beat on. Only egos break
mine shattered as I saw you there -
until your hormones overcame
your face, to cover it with spots.
How I laughed! Oh, what a shame,
now the golden Eros rots!

c. Sara L. Russell 

Did I mean to say I love you
in words or other ways?
Did we overlook each other, 
through our busy working days?
Did we mean to spend more time
looking in each other's face?
Did we mean to give each other 
all of this much space?

An appendage to your life,
I filter through your days:
Fixture, lover, wife, 
through your absent-minded haze
and I love you with a passion
more insane than blind
and you love me in your fashion
and you are always kind.

So I wait as days race by
with the blur you leave behind,
no time stop and try
to mutually unwind
and I love you with a passion
too intense for pride,
surviving on love's ration
as my dreams walk by your side.

(Winner of Runners-Up Prize, Capricorn International
Love Poetry Competition, 1998)

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