Reflection of Hopes Poem by Ward Kelley

A Reflection of My Hopes
Ward Kelley

My hopes are children I have raised
with great care, and have clothed with
multicolored garments in an effort at
protective coloration, trying to deflect
the eyes of others from the true hope they
might display if ever they were seen naked.

My hopes are musical notes singing a quiet
tune under the cacophony of the world; they
need to blend into the disquieting symphony,
but the strain they sing is one heard only by
my own ears, and I am careful no one else
ever deciphers these notes or recognizes them.

But most of all my hopes are mirrors, for I see
they transcribe more of my own character than
they do trying to gain what I desire. It is I who can
hope and hope, yet it is they who describe better
the man I am or want to be, although they never chide,
but instead commend me for being one who hopes.

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As for me, I’m a 52 year old business executive with 3,600 people in the division reporting to me. I only mention this because in a sense the daimon that propels my occupation also propels my poetry. For instance, Gertrude Stein once said, “If Mr. Robert Frost is at all good as a poet, it is because he is a farmer — really in his mind a farmer, I mean.” So in my mind am I a businessman who writes poetry, or a very minor poet successful at business? Who knows? Yet I tread carefully with this balance for fear my daimon will leave me, or my greed will taunt me for decades.

Formerly I managed distribution centers in Pennsylvania, Ohio, California, Arizona and Illinois. My wife and I now live outside of Indianapolis and are currently toiling with much determination on our second crop of children, having adopted four wonderful girls and fostered several others.

Ward Kelley has seen more than 1400 of his poems appear in journals world wide. He is a two-time Pushcart Prize nominee whose publication credits include such journals as: Plainsongs, Another Chicago Magazine, Rattle, Midstream, Zuzu’s Petals, Ginger Hill, Sunstone, Pif, Whetstone, Melic Review, Artvilla, Thunder Sandwich, Potpourri and Skylark. He was the recipient of the Nassau Review Poetry Award for 2001. Kelley is the author of two paperbacks: “histories of souls,” a poetry collection, and “Divine Murder,” a novel; he also has an epic poem, “comedy incarnate” on CD and CD ROM.